The work packages of the proposed project concern the development of a communication platform and protocol between individual software and the development of a central interface administrator. The main job of the central administrator interface is to ensure the cooperation and interaction of the different software used for the elaboration of the studies.

WP1 | Development of Toolkits, Methodologies and Communication Protocol

In the work package EE1, (1-24 months) the development of the communication protocol is taking place.

WP2 | Graphical User Interface(GUI) development, mobile app development.

The work package(WP) EE2(12-30 months) contains the development of the Graphical User Interface(GUI) for the visualization of the “Digital Twin” model. Moreover, in this work package, a mobile application is going to be developed. The mobile application will enable the ability of the user to manage the structural projects and have real-time supervision of the progress.

WP3 | Formation of a Research & Development department and the integration of the platform in the workflow of the company.

All the necessary procedures will take place in order to integrate the platform in the workflow of the company. (1-30 months)

WP4 | Expediency study

Test all the developed modules of the platform in order to conduct an expediency report. (1-28 months)

WP5 | Exhibitions & Conferences

All the results of the platform will be presented in a conference or an exhibition.