Objective and goals of the Project

The objective of DICON is to develop a standard bidirectional communication platform for the real-time integrated digital display of construction projects. The main goal of the project is to interconnect individual digital data into a single platform allowing for dynamic processing by users in real-time. In this way, the individual digital files of each design project will be coordinated and easily manageable through the central platform, and any change/modification to any of them will be transferable to the original model by exploring the influence on data and the possible optimal solution.

In order to create the integrated digital representation environment of the overall characteristics of a project, the following sub-objectives are also required:

Development of a common functional mockup interface between the individual software and the central manager (communication platform).

Bidirectional communication platform. Examination of API (Application Programming Interface) existence, scripting language editability and exploration of alternatives to management and translation.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) configuration.

Representation of a three-dimensional digital footprint.

Pilot implementation of a large-scale construction project.

The main objective of DICON is to interconnect individual digital data from construction projects into a single platform that allows bidirectional and real-time data processing by users, providing to the contractor a useful tool for efficient project management and planning through organizing and coordinating the work of all engineering specialties working on the project. In the short term, the main objective of the program is to develop an efficient interactive computational environment and use it to optimize construction. In the long term, the aim is for users of different levels and scientific training to fully implement, in general different programs, for the preparation of designs and to be able to manage the platform as a means of communication and interconnection.